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The cakes etcetera by nosen Story

Our Story began in 2004. Back then, we were simply exotic home cake makers
for all celebrations and traded in partnerships under the name of The Oven
cake Craft ventures.
Today, we have a single unique brand, trading in our own name and serving
as holding company to other businesses in the food and beverage Industry.
We are privileged to have expanded our brand beyond bespoke cakes for
celebration to include desserts and other confectionary off the shelf and all

Our Mission

We are passionate about baking innovative bespoke cakes, desserts and
making cakes that taste delicious and look the part to guarantee a smile on our customers faces.

Our Vision

To be the preferred baker and food vendor of choice in every locality where we operate by ensuring
continued use of best ingredients, innovative techniques and service excellence.
Products & Services
1. Cakes for every occasion
2. Desserts
3. Pastries
4. Ready to go fillings and sauces

About The Baker

Cakes Etcetera by Nosen Founder and Co-owner has been passionate about food since she was 9 years of age and she has had battle scars to prove her love and dedication for food since this tender age. At age 7, she suffered second degree burns to her thighs when she slipped off a stool she was standing on to fry chips for her dinner because the cooker was taller than her.

She started baking at the age of ‘9’ and was soon the resident family cake maker at all occasions. Whilst she studied accounting in University, she left her accounting job within a year to set up a cake business in partnership with another baker.
Over the last 17 years, she has become a household name in Nigeria’s Capital City for all things Cakes and Desserts.

She is a wife and a mother of three adorable children and she is able to continue growing her business due to her passion and dedication for baking as well as having an awesome support team in her husband,sibblings and dedicated staff.
Nosen has an innovators spirit fuelled by the belief that nothing is impossible and that innovation without commercialization (meeting a need) is a wasted effort.
Nosen strives for a health work/life balance, enjoying running and volunteering in the music department of a local Christian Women’s Fellowship. When asked if the volunteering is not additional work, she responds “when it gives you joy, it relaxes you”.
Nosen hopes to take the indigenous Nigerian Cake Company to other parts of Africa, Europe and the America’s. She hopes to continue creating innovative food options not bounded by Country Cuisine labels, but simply creating delicious treats that bring smiles to all.

Lets Celebrate your Occasion with our exceptionally tasty and beautiful cakes.

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